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In todays world,how you look saysong hours in air-conditioned offices, pollution and stress all take their toll on the skin. Couple that with the tendency for male skin to be oilier and more prone to irritation and can see why problems like acne or sallow, tired, prematurely aged skins are common among men between 19-45 years old in Britain today.

 Razor Bumps

These are caused by acid cell renewal around hair follicles, and ingrown hair, looking like keloid scars. Treatment, done twice weekly reduce the cuticle build-up, softening and peeling away scar tissue. The client also uses special products at home as a daily routine while shaving normally. Depending on the severity, after about 6-8 treatment at home, he can maintain this soft, smooth even-toned look.


Alkali in many soaps as well as crude oil and animal fats used in detergents tend to block the pores even more, creating a cuticle build-up, aggravating the condition. Deprived of its protective mantle of sebaceous oil, the skin becomes dry and flaky, unable to absorb moisture or breathe. At Body Contours, we cleanse the skin with enzymes. This involves turning the dead skin materials present in and on the skin into a weak acid. The remaining effluvia, gases, fats and parasitic bodies are rinsed completely from the tissues with water, leaving behind new, living cells. The enzyme tightens the skin to eliminate acne and superficial acne scarring. It will also 'equalize' the (evening out the colour) rejuvenate, brighten and tone the skin. The procedure is extremely effective for men suffering from razor bumps.

Black Skin

A major speciality of Body Contours is the treatment of black skin. We have successfully treated dermatological disorders such as excessive oil, pimples, blackheads, pigmentation spots and razor bumps. We also brighten black skins making them more even tone, firmer, smoother, without changing the actual color, unless of course the client wants to lighten their skin.

 Artificially bleached skins become more sensitive to light and sunlight can cause dark patches to appear on the skin. If you take this route the skin will have to be permanently maintained. Just as you when relax your hair to straighten it, you have to continue to relax it on a regular basis to ensure the shade you choose continues to remain bright, light and youthful.

 Black skin has more epidermal (surface) layers than Caucasian skins. It is thicker, not coarser, and stands up to environmental stress longer, ageing less quickly. The added pigmentation via the melanisomes (cell that make melanin) protects the skin from sun damage. Sun is highly destructive to white skin.

 Black skin possess somewhat larger and more numerous oil and sweat glands than Caucasian skins, which keeps the acid mantle strong and young for more years than other skin colors. Black skins also produce new skin cells very rapidly, slowing down the appearance of ageing-but such cell renewal can backfire resulting in keliod scars and razor bumps which plague men and women especially men.